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Uncertain-T Model Kits Store!

The first Uncertain-T Model Kits that I will be producing will be

a Signed and Numbered, Premier Limited Edition of only 500,

1/25 scale models, HAND MADE by me!

Please carefully read EVERYTHING on this page BEFORE you place your advance order!

My “Uncertain-T Model Kits” store here is for placing ADVANCE orders.

As explained below, it will take months, and most likely many months for me to

develop my innovative plans for producing high quality model kits… all by myself.

So far, it looks like I will need to sell them for AT LEAST $60 each, so this is a super

opportunity for you to place advance orders for super low prices, and to reserve low

limited edition numbers! This advance sale will hopefully also provide me with

the money I need for buying the equipment, materials, services, etc., that

I need to make all this happen! When I’m ready to begin mailing kits,

I will send you a Paypal invoice for the actual cost of mailing.

If at any time, for any reason you decide that you don’t want to

wait any longer, I will refund your advance purchase price. I will

then put your reserved, limited edition number up for auction.

The first 200 advance orders for the SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE OF $25 each,

for Signed and Numbered kits from 1/500 to 200/500, has been SOLD OUT!

The current SUPER LOW DISCOUNT PRICE OF $30 each, for Signed and Numbered

kits from 201/500 to 500/500, will end, Midnight, January 31st!

After all 500 signed & numbered kits have been reserved by these advance orders, the

price will be at least $60 each. This may increase at any time as I develop my process

and learn more about what it will all actually cost me to develop and produce them.


These prices are as of NOW. If I learn that I need to raise them, I will.

Once you have placed an advance order at the current price, that’s your price.

Each advance order price level has an inventory. When someone places an advance

order for however many kits they want, the inventory at that price level will be reduced

by that many kits. When all advance orders are placed for each group of signed and numbered kits, then that price level will no longer be available... it will be "SOLD OUT".

When all 500 advance orders for signed and numbered kits have been placed, all

additional advance orders will then be AT LEAST $60 for kits that will NOT be

signed and numbered. Only the first 500 kits will be signed and numbered, with a

Certificate Of Authenticity! ALL kits will also include 3 (three), 8-1/2” x 11” color

photos of your choice, autographed by me that I sell for $10 each! When I sign

them, I will include the corresponding number of your Signed and Numbered kit!

If after I start producing kits sometime later this year I discover that I need

to charge more than $60 per kit, I will change the price at that time.

No matter how much I have to charge, it will be a MUCH BETTER VALUE than

you spending $80 or more for an incomplete, “unauthorized” resin COPY that

you have to do a lot of work on to remove flashing, sanding, fitting, etc.!

WHEN then, and WHY? I’m still trying to learn how to get good enough

using a 3D CAD design program to recreate all the parts of the T for making 3D

printed PROTOTYPE parts for me to then send to the guys that I invited to be on my

Master Builder Team, for them to work with and build the first version of the kit,

to then give me feedback for what needs to be changed, added, removed, etc.

I just received the VERY good, very expensive 3D printer that I pre-ordered

for a VERY discounted advance price. That means I hope to be printing

PROTOTYPE parts for size, shape, fit, etc. within a few weeks.

If anybody would like to also buy this excellent 3D printer at a deep discount,

let me know and I’ll send you a special link that will also pay me a commission.

My commission won’t raise your price at all. If you purchase one, then you

can also get a commission for referring new customers to them :)

I then expect to start getting the first round of feedback from my Master

Builder Team members a few weeks later. I'm sure I will need to print new parts

to send to them as a result of their feedback. Then, and only then, will I be able

to BEGIN testing my innovative concept for making molds, creating my own

injection molding machine, and making the first parts. It won't surprise me at

all if the first kits won't start being ready until July or August at the earliest.

That may seem like a long time away, but since the first kit was produced in late

1966, my "All New and Improved" kits have already been 48 years in the making!

Hey… maybe I should shoot for them to be a 50th ANNIVERSARY release in late 2016!

Ha, ha, ha… just kidding. I hope to be in full production by the end of this Summer.

I’ve set up a Facebook Group for progress updates about how everything is

going. Everybody who has placed advance orders will be automatically added, or

invited to the Group. Go to my “Uncertain-T Model Kits” Facebook Group here:


If at any time, for any reason, you decide that you don’t want to wait

any longer, I will refund your advance purchase price. I will then put your

reserved, Signed and Numbered limited edition number up for auction.

When I'm ready to begin filling orders, you will be billed the actual cost of mailing.

The “Registry” link at the top of the each page here goes to a page where I’m

listing who got which numbers of the 500 Signed and Numbered kits, starting

with 1/500 at the top of the page. If you prefer to remain anonymous you

can select this when you place your advance order. If you change

your mind, just let me know and I can change it for you.

This Uncertain-T Model Kit store is completely

separate from my T-shirt and Photos stores.

To go to the Uncertain-T Model Kits Store, click HERE,

or click on “Store” in the menu at the top of any page here.

I accept Paypal, money order or personal check. You select which is best for

you when you check out. USPS and Walmart money orders are the best.

PLEASE DO NOT buy a money order at a 7-11 or anywhere else that

uses Western Union! If you run into a problem placing your advance

order, let me know and I can send you a Paypal payment request.

If you want to learn more about The Uncertain-T, go here:


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