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7/29/16:  Trade Secrets and Industrial Espionage!

I'm VERY glad that I had the good sense to not be revealing any of what I'm working on for my "All New And Improved" Uncertain-T Premiere Model Kit project!

I just learned from someone well connected in the model kit industry that one or more of the big model kit companies have employees and/or friends "spying" on what I'm doing, both in this "Uncertain-T Model Kits" Group, and in my main Facebook account!

How do I know this?  Because I have "spies", too :)

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5/7/16:  Why don't I post everything that I'm doing relating to my Uncertain-T model kit project??

Sorry... this turned out to be a LONG post, but you all deserve to know.  I know that it must be frustrating to many of you to not be seeing any actual progress in the way of photos, etc., and it would be to me, too.  At the same time, I REALLY appreciate those of you who write to me often and tell me that you are 100% behind me, and for me to take my time, that my health is most important, etc.  But here's the bottom line… it's all a secret... a VERY BIG secret... a VERY IMPORTANT big secret to me!

"Hey, that's not fair", many will say… and I totally understand why someone might feel this way.  So, here's why it has to be this way, and this is the way it’s going to be. This all started WAY back when I began creating The Uncertain-T.  Our little garage had a wall in the middle splitting it into two sides.  The right side had a regular door.  It was for a workshop, storage, etc.  A few years earlier I spent the night in there so that my sister could have a slumber party in her bedroom and mine.  I liked my privacy and solitude so much that I never changed it… it became my bedroom from that time on!  That’s right… I lived in the garage :)

The left side of the garage was just wide enough for a car to fit inside.  You had to really squeeze to get out of the car, so we never parked a car in there.  We either parked our cars in our long driveway, or out in the street.  The wall between the two sides had unpainted drywall on the car side. That drywall is what I used to draw the first sketches and diagrams of The Uncertain-T on after hurrying home from school.  By about 3 a.m. I KNEW I could build what I saw in my mind.  I sure wish I had the foresight to take photos of it!

The first thing I did was to buy some E.M.T. electrical tubing and a cheap used manual tube bender.  I measured and cut and bent the sections to the shapes I wanted, beginning with the roof.  I then brazed them together.  If you’ve never brazed GALVANIZED E.M.T. steel tubing… it’s a lot of fun… sort of like making popcorn with a sparkler, combined with dipping wet potatoes into hot cooking oil!

Here’s my point… I made the mistake of telling a few friends what I was working on.  Some just brushed it off as a pipe dream... hey... E.M.T. pipe... get it?  LOL!  Some believed that I was actually going to try to build a hot rod from scratch, so they started coming over to see what I was doing… some that had never bothered to come visit me before.  That was fine, until one of them said, “That’s cool. I’m going to build one like that, too”.  Huh?  Oh No… what had I done?  I didn’t want anybody copying MY idea, and especially maybe finishing something similar before I could afford to finish mine!  So, from that time on I kept our front gate locked, and the garage door closed!  Luckily, that guy joined the service a few months later and never even started building “his” version of MY idea.

Lots of model builders have been creating scratch build models for decades.  So just how does this relate to me keeping progress about my Uncertain-T model kits secret?  Here’s why, and like I said, a VERY BIG “why” for me!  I’m not just working on an “All New And Improved Uncertain-T Model Kit”… I’m working on starting a premium, hot rod model kit company, with some features not seen in kits before.  Like what, huh?  Well… here are just a few of the things that bothered me about the kit that Monogram (a really big model kit company) produced; that I really didn’t like, and am dedicated to doing right:

1 - The body:  I, like many of you, REALLY don’t like that The Uncertain-T body is two pieces. Unfortunately, because of the design of the body, Monogram felt that it had to be two pieces so that they would come out of the plastic injection mold.  They were a big model kit company, so they knew... right?  Well… I’m not going to release MY kit until I’m able to produce a ONE PIECE BODY… and I’m getting there!

2 - The thickness of the body, and the rolled sides for the side and rear window openings, and where the license plate goes… is wrong.  Again, Monogram couldn’t make these roll and have a thickness like the real car, or they would have had to make the body be 3 pieces, like how I made the fiberglass mold for the Uncertain-T body.  Instead, the openings are all flat, and NOT RIGHT AT ALL!  I’m impressed that some model builders have reworked the kit body to have rolled window openings like the real car!  Again… I’m not going to release the kit until I’m able to produce a ONE PIECE BODY… with proper thickness rolled openings!

3 - Wire front wheels! I was also VERY disappointed by the hokey (noticeably contrived) plastic front wheel “spokes” that Monogram produced.  I’m not going to release the kit until I’m able to include REAL wire front wheels.

4 - Hard as a rock tires and upholstery! Yuck! Making tires that look and feel like real tires is very common.  Gotta have rubber tires!  I’m also currently working on alternatives for making the Naugahyde upholstery to ALSO look and feel like real Naugahyde, and maybe the carpet look and feel like real carpet, too.  Cool, huh?

So... why don’t I share my progress with ya all?  Because… along with “Big Brother”… model companies are lurking around to see what I come up with.  Yeah… I know you’re there :)

Most of the very innovative features that will be a part of my All New And Improved Uncertain-T model kit will not be known until those who placed the first advance orders start receiving their kits… and they “spill the beans”.  At that point, I’ll be spilling a lot of beans, too.  LOL! :)

So, why does this matter? Because, like I’ve said many times… my plan is for this kit to be the FIRST of MANY kits that also have my “secret sauce”.  Stay tuned…

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