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MY Uncertain-T Model Kits Store is now CLOSED again!

This time for me to do a little emergency remodeling :)

As you can see… well… NOT see… ALL the photos are missing here! Something

has happened to the website builder program that I’ve been using for years!

When I made changes to offer my 1:24 scale figure of me from my photo #6

from way back in 1965, even though I can see all photos in the website builder,

when it uploads the files… THE PHOTOS ARE MISSING! Luckily, I purchased a

MUCH better, very easy to use website builder a few months ago because the one

I’ve been using doesn’t make “Responsive” websites, and I absolutely want all

my websites to display properly on tablets and phones as well as on computers.

So, since I need to finally learn how to use the new website builder, and recreate all

my websites, I’ve decided to take another step now, that I planned to do much later,

and that is to set up a NEW website, www.ScaleModelFigures.com, as part of my

total commitment to the world of model building, and the many more scale model

figures that I will be creating… AFTER I’ve mailed out all Uncertain-T model kit orders.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

For model builders who would like to have one for your original Uncertain-T model,

the first 1:24 scale figure that I’ve created to include in my Deluxe Uncertain-T kit,

is now finally ready for production! A BIG thanks to my good friends, Preston

Fries and Robert Gadbois for assisting me getting it to “fit” the original models.

CATCH THIS! A few weeks ago I sent a preliminary prototype figure to my very good

friend, Blair Pletcher, in PA, for him to paint and include with his excellent SCRATCH

BUILT Uncertain-T model and display when he entered it in a big model show a couple

of weeks ago. He entered it in the "Show Car" category... AND WON FIRST PLACE!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! As a Thank You to my Facebook Friends, I’m making a SPECIAL

OFFER, and including a 4” x 5”, AUTOGRAPHED photo that this first figure was inspired by,

to display with your Uncertain-T model, just like Blair did in the model show, for FREE!


Go to my new website and store here:  www.ScaleModelFigures.com

I reserve the right to refuse to accept any orders from anybody,

and to cancel any advance order at any time, for any reason at all, and without advance notice.

- Updated 4/6/17 -

© 2016 - 2017 UncertainTModelKits.com

Above: This is the photo that inspired this figure.

Below: Master model builder, Blair Pletcher, entered his scratch built Uncertain-T model, with the prototype figure that I sent to him, in a recent model show… and won FIRST PLACE!

Above: The final 1:24 scale prototype figure, with Preston Fries’ Uncertain-T model.

Below: As you can see, my figures are VERY high quality, with very fine details.