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- 9/8/20 update –

The Uncertain wait… for The Uncertain-T.

The Corona Virus has made everything very uncertain, indeed.

My very good long time friend who has the T expected to be able to dig it out of

the back of his huge barn on his large vineyard property in N. California just after

the end of Summer. Unfortunately, that just ain’t gonna happen. As much as he

wants to dig it out for me to take detailed photos and measurements of every part

of the T so that I can make my Deluxe kit be correct in every detail, he’s been

overloaded as it is just trying to keep up with his heavy load of critical projects.

I talked with him on the phone yesterday. He’s dealing with even more critical

things as a result of the virus than before, so all I can do is wait and hope.

- 6/25/20 update –

It shouldn’t need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway:

Unfortunately… because of the virus... obviously everything

will be delayed an undeterminable amount of time.

- 6/15/20 update –

My Uncertain-T Model Kits store is now closed. Advance Orders are no longer available.

Thank you again to all of you who have reserved your part of history in the making.

- Major Update - 2/10/20 -

When Monogram produced their “Uncertain-T” model kit back in 1966, it was very

obvious to me when I received my first kits that they didn’t follow the blueprints

that I “loaned” to them, that I had a draftsman draw for me. Maybe they didn’t

return my blueprints because of the changes they made without my permission.

Most likely they made changes and omitted parts for tooling and production needs.

Sure, the kit most definitely is “The Uncertain-T”, but I was very disappointed. It has

always bothered me that it isn’t exact in every way as it should be, and I’ve wanted to

produce my own totally correct kit ever since. But what could I do about it… tooling

(molds) for a model kit can cost from $50,000 to over $100,000! I’ve been following

the industry for many years hoping for a breakthrough in costs to make it affordable

for me. This hasn’t happened. Then I designed a benchtop plastic injection molding

machine in my mind that I could make smaller molds for myself with, and produce

all the parts myself! I spent (“lost”) a lot of money with local machinists trying to

get it built, but it didn’t happen. I’m very glad that it didn’t happen because it’s

impossible to produce a one-piece body with injection molding. So I decided to

produce all the parts with a very expensive, very high quality commercial / industrial

3D printer that I’ve been saving to buy at a huge discount. I’m getting there.

For me to be able to produce a kit that’s exact in every detail, I needed my blueprints

back that I loaned to Monogram (which didn’t happen!), or... and this has been holding

me up all this time… access to the T to measure everything again. My good friend who

owns the T has been storing it all these years in the back of the barn on his retirement

property in N. Calif., agreed to let me have access to it, but he needed to spend several

days there to be able to remove all of his things that are stacked high in front of it first.

That hasn’t been able to happen because of his full time engineering job, and many

other projects that he’s committed to where he lives in S. Calif. I’m very happy to report

that he has confirmed to me that he will finally be able to spend several days at his

property in N. Calif. after Summer, digging the T out for me so that I can move ahead!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first Uncertain-T Model Kit that I will be producing will be a Signed

and Numbered, Limited Edition of only 500, 1:24 scale, Deluxe version kit,

HANDMADE by me! I say “first” Uncertain-T kit, because I’m not just working on

producing ONE kit. I’m working on setting up everything for producing MORE

really cool Kits. I’m calling my company, “Hot Rod Model Kits”.

It will take several more months at the very least, for me to continue to develop

my innovative plans for producing high quality, deluxe model kits… all by myself.

ONLY the first 500 kits will be Signed and Numbered, with a Certificate of

Authenticity! ALL kits will also include 3 (three), 8-1/2” x 11” color photos

of your choice, autographed by me, that I sell for $10 each! When I sign them,

I will include the corresponding number of your Signed and Numbered kit!

The “Registry” link at the top of each page here goes to a page where I

have manually listed who got which numbers of the 500 Signed and

Numbered deluxe kits, starting with #1/500 at the top of the Registry page.

If you want to learn more about The Uncertain-T, go here:


Thank you!

Uncertain-T Model Kits!

- Updated 2/7/22 -

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